Apex Legends And Other EA Games Banned In Iran?

Electronic Arts not caring about the consumers isn’t really that shocking. We’ve all seen examples of it in the past but this is sort of next level. EA games have been seemingly banned in Iran, regardless of whether or not they were pre-ordered. What’s worse is that EA won’t answer questions regarding the issue either.

This is the issue you’ll face for Apex Legends and other EA games banned in Iran. The PR for the issue itself was also pretty botched up from what we’ve seen in shared screenshots between EA and an Iranian gamer.

This was one of many different cryptic responses as to why EA games were banned in Iran. Way to care about your consumers.

It was later confirmed that Electronic Arts had to make their games inaccessible due to compliance with US embargoes and sanction laws. Something they probably could’ve just clarified in an email or response?

This method of handling things is so hypocritical. Specifically because of how EA sells itself as diverse. Oh yeah, you’re really diverse, nothing says diversity quite like banning an entire region of people from playing your game.

They’re accepting of all types of people, as long as it’s convenient to them. 

How much power DOES Electronic Arts have in regards to these embargoes and sanctions though? Are they being threatened with legal actions or federal offenses? Maybe they’re just facing taxation or fines? Of course, they won’t shed light on the situation themselves so we’ll just have to speculate for the time being.

We’re all pretty much aware by now of how oblivious EA is to its own consumers and fans alike. Oblivious or straight up negligent is up for debate, this recent development indicates its the latter one. Hopefully, EA finds a solution to their games banned in Iran.

Source: Nikoofarmusic