Death Stranding Trailers Show You Aspect Of It

Death Stranding still remains a mystery and according to Norman Reedus, we have yet to see the whole picture of the game as the trailers show us an aspect of it. We are not surprised at all since it’s a game by the one and only, Hideo Kojima who likes to do things his own way.

We have yet to know what the game is actually about despite many players trying to piece all of the hints and easter eggs together from the trailers. It’s like a whole other thing according to Reedus.

The trailers show you an aspect of it, but not a whole picture of what the game will be. That’s like a whole other thing. It’s complicated, it’s a crazy complicated game. I’ve been learning a lot about video games doing it.

As for the game, it has an entirely different approach as compared to the other video games. Reedus told GameCentral:

The concept is so far out into the future. Instead of eliminating everyone around you, it’s bringing everyone together. It’s a very positive video game, but scary and depressing at the same time.

There’s no information about when we will get to know about the game in details. With Death Stranding being a PS4 exclusive and Sony not attending E3 this year, we have to wait for a long time until we get to see another trailer of the game. Waiting for another trailer is a game itself.

According to Kojima, Death Stranding will not release in 2019 as it’ll take a while. The game looks almost finished. We recently saw Kojima Productions showing the game to Guerilla Games and Cory Barlog making us more patience less.

No matter what, the game is definitely worth the wait as it’s Hideo Kojima’s first game after leaving Konami and Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain.