Rumor: 11 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games Might Be In Development In 2019

Apparently Nintendo is going to have a busy year in 2019. A rumor from a user named Emily Rogers on a Resetera thread has said that 11 different upcoming Nintendo Switch games will be coming out spread out across this year, though they have no idea of what they’ll be or what their genre is.

We’ve already heard that there will be a number of games coming out this year. Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem: The Three Houses, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 have already been announced for this year, but if these 11 new games aren’t part of those three, we’ll have a busy month on the Switch.

While ordinarily we should take leaks with a grain of salt, Rogers does have a good track record of telling us about games before they release. They’ve given us accurate information about the Pokemon Let’s Go games, correctly predicted Nintendo would begin porting particularly successful Wii U games over to the Switch, and revealed the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle before it was actually announced.

According to Rogers, the absolute minimum of upcoming Nintendo Switch games this year will be five, but the number could also go as high as 11 or 12. According to a list they posted, two of the 11 games could be new Wii U ports, along with a new kit for the Nintendo Labo.

Rogers also believes that the Metroid Prime Remaster will be coming out in 2019, despite the fact that Nintendo only recently made the announcement that they would be scrapping the entire game and starting over. There will also be two games from the Nintendo eShop made available, along with four mystery games.

While the Nintendo Switch isn’t lacking for games at the moment, so many upcoming Nintendo Switch games coming out this year means that this is going to be quite a busy year for Nintendo, and hopefully will be just as successful.