A New Nintendo Switch Overclock Hack Is In Town To Boost Its Performance

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of a handheld and a home console. Being part handheld comes with the downside of having specs lower compared to the home console. But, a new Nintendo Switch overclock hack is here boost its performance.

A new app called Freebird has appeared that overclocks the Nintendo Switch to boost its performance. This app provides a performance boost to modded Switch units.

Nintendo Switch has two modes docked and handheld. In docked mode, the console has access to more power and hence the clock speed for Nvidia Tegra processor is increased to ensure better performance.

I don’t know how exactly this hack works but I guess it tricks Switch into thinking that its attached to a dock and hence unlock performance by increasing clock speed.

The hack requires users to either put Nintendo Switch in docked mode or “be plugged into an official charger” to overclock it.

Given that you will be using the console at its highest clock speed, you will need more power to do so.

This is a sysmodule/service for Atmosphere that uses IPC’s to communicate with its companion NRO, Freeset. This allows you to use any clock speed I’ve found on the Switch. The only restriction I have put in place is that you must be plugged into an official charger or docked if you are crazy enough to want to use the highest two GPU clock speeds. I am leaving it completely up to you to choose what clock speeds you want to use.

This raises the question of why Nintendo is holding back Switch if it can deliver more in handheld mode? The answer is quite simple, Nintendo has to strike a balance between performance, battery time, and heat.

Increasing the clock speed causes more power consumption which results in more heat and less battery life. That is why Nintendo scales back the clock speed to ensure a balanced experience.

Obviously, heat and reduced battery life are a downside but, it’s a choice that the Switch owners will make.

Speaking of Switch hacks, recently Nintendo released the Switch Firmware update 7.0.0 which was hacked in just 4 hours. The firmware included new security codes for Switch.

Hacking Nintendo Switch is apparently become easier as there is a future-proof Switch hack available. According to hackers, this Switch hack opens up the console to custom firmware.

Also, the Nvidia Tegra processor the Switch uses is compromised. Hackers claim that Nvidia and Nintendo know about the hardware exploit.