EA Considering Apex Legends Cross Platform Play, FIFA May Get It Too

Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment revealed the third game of theirs set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends. It’s become a rousing success almost immediately, with over a million players logging on in the past 48 hours. Now, EA is apparently considering Apex Legends cross platform play, with FIFA possibly also getting it.

Apex Legends takes place far after Titanfall 2, where a selection of heroes are sent into a battle royale arena to compete to be the last one standing. While it doesn’t have the various gameplay nuances of Titanfall (you can’t wall-run and there are no Titans), it’s apparently fun enough that hundreds of thousands of people are playing it, and more may soon follow.

The Apex Legends cross platform play, if it is implemented, would likely be a big boon for the game, especially given it only recently came out. Though the past few years have been rough on the concept, as Sony has often refused to allow games on its system to be capable of cross-platform play, there have been a few successes such as Psyonix’s Rocket League or Epic Games’s Fortnite.

Allowing cross-platform play for Apex Legends, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, along with other games will be a big part of EA’s future, especially if they continue to release games that can be guaranteed a large multiplayer scene. Cross platform play would allow all of the players from Xbox One and PC to be able to play with one another, and might draw more fans in later.

This not only extends to Apex Legends cross platform play, but also other games like FIFA and Madden, which all are both quite popular and playable on other consoles but can’t currently play with fans from those other consoles.

If we do eventually get Apex Legends cross platform play, and other games like FIFA and Madden begin to follow in its wake, hopefully soon there won’t be any game that’s limited to its original console. In the meantime, you can play Apex Legends on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.