How to Charge Ultimates in Apex Legends

Apex Legends does not follow the typical Battle Royale scheme, it brings a unique feature to the table, and it is the unique character abilities. Among these abilities is an Ultimate Ability that you can charge during the course of a match.

There are 8 total characters available to choose from (two of them are locked and can be unlocked with Legendary Tokens), besides their aesthetic differences, these characters also come with different abilities.

As mentioned earlier, each character in Apex Legends has 3 character abilities i.e. Passive, Active, and Ultimate. While the Passive and Active are available to use, most of the times, the Ultimate Ability needs to be charged before you can use it.

How to Charge Ultimate Ability in Apex Legends

The first order of business is to familiarize yourself with the character that includes thoroughly reading the Ultimate’s description. This is important because each character’s ability can work in different situations.

For example, Lifeline’s Ultimate summons a Care Package which means that it should be deployed as soon as it is fully charged, while my main, Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability lets him move faster and track enemies more precisely, this Ultimate is more useful in a combat, so it should be saved until such a situation arrive.

Before you use the Ultimate, you should know how to charge it. The obvious method is to let it charge on its own, as it charges passively overtime. However, to speed things up, use an Ultimate Accelerator.

The Ultimate Accelerator is a rare item, but if you survive long enough you will come across it quite often. Its quality is blue and upon use replenishes 20% of the Ultimate, so stick it in whenever you come across it.

Keep in mind, that engaging in combat can also boost you Ultimate recovery, so do not shy away from a firefight.

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