Two LGBTQ Characters Confirmed for Apex Legends, Who Are They?

On the topic of LGBTQ representation in video gaming, Respawn’s Apex Legends has revealed two characters from its roster to be “unique”. Apex Legends has two LGBTQ characters, Bloodhound and Gibraltar. The former being non-binary while the latter is either gay or bisexual.

Representation of minorities and LGBTQ rights is the latest form of modernization in video games. One that brings it more in touch with society as a whole and attracts the attention of the media quite easily. It’s sort of interesting, slap a gay character on your roster and watch the hordes rush in.

Respawn is definitely not the first to do this though, as we’ve seen Overwatch do the same when they made Soldier 76 gay, on top of Tracer already being a confirmed lesbian.

The sexuality of a character in a video game is harmless lore, it adds some realism to them and makes them more believable. As long as it doesn’t affect gameplay, I’m all for it in every way possible. My issue, however, is with how it’s being used and in a way, abused.

LGBTQ in video gaming has become less of representation and more of a token to use by money and fame-mongering corporations. Just announce that your main character is gay and watch people share your game for that reason alone.

At times, it doesn’t even matter if you’re creative about it at all. As long as you include diversity, even if it’s pretty much forced, you can get away with it. In fact, often times, the representation is used as crowd control, such as when Soldier was revealed to be gay. This was coincidentally done in the midst of an employee controversy in Blizzard regarding discrimination.

For the time being, Respawn hasn’t done anything wrong per say. They have a rich and diverse roster of characters in Apex Legends, two being LGBTQ. It doesn’t affect the gameplay, so right now there’s no reason to be bothered by it. Just enjoy the game.