Disney Is Happy With EA Developing Star Wars Games

Anyone that’s keeping in tune with the corporate side of the video game industry by now knows about EA’s long line of controversy. The fans have lost their temper and faith in the company multiple times, especially regarding EA’s treatment of the Star Wars franchise. A sum of people wanted Disney to revoke the license and take to self-publishing but CEO Bob Iger put an end to that discussion with a recent statement.

Over the years we’ve tried our hand in self-publishing. We’ve bought companies, we’ve sold companies, we’ve bought developers, we’ve closed developers. And we’ve found over the years that we haven’t been particularly good at the self-publishing side, but we’ve been great at the licensing side.

Honestly, this is good because I wouldn’t trust Disney with the Star Wars franchise either. They’re just as corporate as EA and will put monetary gain above all else. I do respect Iger for at least being honest with their intent to license, not create Star Wars games.

On the other hand, Disney also mentioned that they’re happy regarding the relationship with EA. The company signed a 10 year deal with Disney to make Star Wars games. This means that we’ll be seeing the Electronic Arts trademark on every Star Wars game until 2023.

This isn’t the best news, especially knowing how EA has treated the Star Wars video games. The way they canceled the upcoming single-player Star Wars game before its launch. This was to work on a new project that the company is yet to showcase.

It’s pretty far fetched to hope that Electronic Arts will somehow learn their lesson. The most we can hope for is that the Star Wars video games license goes to a company that genuinely cares about the franchise and its fans. Even the Rogue One director agrees with that sentiment.