EA Stock Saw Its Largest 1-Day Drop In 20 Years Following Disappointing Sales

Things aren’t looking bright for Electronic Arts and we wouldn’t be wrong to blame EA for its misfortune. Following the investors call for its Q3 of the fiscal year 2019, EA stock saw a massive drop.

Not only that, this is the biggest 1-day drop in stocks for EA in 20 years. This comes following EA execs dumping millions worth of stock.

This happened shortly before Anthem’s release and it seems that even the Execs don’t have faith in the game being successful. The reason for this massive drop in EA Stock is the result of underperforming games like Battlefield V.

According to EA, Battlefield 5 missed its sales expectations by 1 million and partially blamed it on the single-player campaign.

EA CEO noted that Battle Royale was extremely popular in 2018 but, DICE delayed Firestorm mode for Battlefield 5 till March and focused on the single-player campaign.

But, this wasn’t the only factor for Battlefield 5 only selling 7.3 million units. According to EA CEO, delaying the game until November also had an impact.

However, EA should be blaming itself for its misfortunes rather than developers or singleplayer games. It was EA who persisted on aggressive monetizations in almost all of its games which resulted in consumers losing trust in EA. Now gamers think twice before buying a game published by EA.

After years of practicing aggressive and predatory monetization, it has taken a toll on EA’s reputation and now its stock. The company just fails to learn from its mistakes.

Even the upcoming Bioware Anthem feels like a rushed game. Following its open demo, many have raised concerns that Anthem needs at least 6 more months of polish.

Furthermore, EA’s treatment of Star Wars license has been appalling. In six years EA has published only two Star Wars games and canceled two in-development Star Wars titles.

Anthem and the upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order are the only hope for EA to save itself. But, given EA’s reputation gamers will be skeptical before buying them.

Also, during the earnings call EA also revealed that tar Wars Jedi Fallen Order gameplay will be revealed soon. EA CEO and CFO got to play the game and both are describing it as spectacular.

If Jedi Fallen Order is as good as they are saying it will be a good thing for EA and a first step to earn consumer’s trust.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is in development at Respawn Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.