The Division 2 Is To Blame for Lack of End Game Content in The Division

In response to a popular thought among the fans and players of the game, the director of The Division admits to the lack of endgame content.

A lot of people that finished the game felt like there was not much to do after ending the main story. This was especially evident in the first few months, the recent clarification implies that it was for the upcoming The Division 2.

We launched The Division 1 with very little in terms of endgame content. It was a great campaign, you reached level 30, the endgame started, but it was lacking in activities. We were trying to operate this live game, yet we saw things that weren’t working out for the long term. That’s why a very tough decision was made before patch 1.4, which was to stop the development on all of the planned features and the DLCs to be able to focus on the technological debt and on the improvements to get the game to where we wanted it to be. That all fed into how we’ve set up The Division 2 production-wise, creatively as well.

Ubisoft has assured us that the end game content of The Division 2 will be the hard endpoint of a long road. Hopefully, they don’t leave The Division 2 end game content in anticipation of The Division 3.

In reality, this sort of comes off as an excuse seeing as how closely it’s been revealed to the upcoming sequel. Perhaps a marketing strategy of sorts? Building up hype for The Division 2 by reminding us of the shortcomings in the first game while making sure to promote end game content for The Division 2.

We’ve already got a decent bit of content to look forward to in The Division 2. Such as the updated Rogue system. The arguably grinding and time-consuming filler of the first Division game is hopefully going to be compensated this time around.

Ubisoft’s the Division 2 releases in March for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Gamespot