New Patent Suggests We’ll Be Seeing Playstation 5 Backwards Compatibility

While we might not be getting a Playstation Meeting this year to tell us anything about the Playstation 5, a recently filed patent from Sony is suggesting that we’ll be getting Playstation 5 backwards compatibility whenever the console does come out. This could be a big boon for Sony’s console market.

One of the biggest and most glaring flaws from the Playstation 4 is that, unlike the Playstation 3, it doesn’t offer backwards compatibility services, meaning that you had to keep your Playstation 3 handy if you wanted to play older Playstation games. While the Playstation 4’s huge number of critically acclaimed games showed they didn’t need the service, fans likely asked for backwards compatibility enough that they’re now considering it.

The patent is in Japanese, but apparently talks about a system that allows the CPU of the Playstation 5 to interpret the workings of the four previous Playstation systems, likely meaning that you’ll be able to play games that originally released on every previous Playstation console.

Apparently, the device that is the subject of the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility patent was the product of Mark Cerny, who built the Playstation 4 in the first place. Considering that Microsoft has been steadily expanding its backwards compatibility library ever since it was first announced in 2014, it’s good that Sony is starting to do the same thing.

Originally the Xbox One only had Xbox 360 games available in its library, but as its catalogue has grown it has since begun porting over original Xbox games as well. Considering the architecture of the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility patent, it seems like Sony is going to be doing the same thing.

There’s still no indication of when exactly we’ll be getting the Playstation 5, as despite various rumors about its production Sony hasn’t even hinted that they’ll announce it. Either way, hopefully Playstation will be able to continue making the same quality of games as they have on the Playstation 4.