Talking About Fallout 76 Problems on Bethesda Forums Can Get You Banned!

The latest Fallout 76 patch 5 was a disaster and talking about it on Bethesda forum is considered as “bashing and baiting” and also gets you banned. Yes, this has actually happened and it seems like Bethesda is intentionally deleting backlash from Reddit as well.

As reported by a user on Reddit, the team behind the worst rated Fallout game has removed most of the content from recent threads. You can spot many people questioning about their previous comments being removed without a reason.

It’s not a hard thing to guess that Bethesda Game Studios messed up once again. The latest patch was built on a previous update which is why it brought older bugs back. A user reported these terrible issues on the official forum and his thread was closed by calling it “bashing and baiting”.

Afterward, he opened another thread to make sure everything goes smooth but instead it got deleted and the account was banned for apparently no reason. It looked like nothing else than the creators trying to cover up their terrible mistakes.

The post reads:

So it’s pretty obvious that they are trying their best to cover up the mess they’ve created with this patch and I would like to introduce them to the Streisand effect on that matter.

I understand how difficult it is to fix a flawed product, but I am extremely allergic to these shady methods of damage control. Even more so after promising to be more transparent and talkative about patches and the game’s issues.

It’s disappointing to see Bethesda treating Fallout community like that once again especially after failing to deliver what the fans actually wanted. Fallout 76 is considered as the worst game in the series and even the loyal fans are not playing it.

Luckily things are better now with the latest Fallout 76 1.09 hotfix update which is now available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Bobby Pin weight which was reverted to 0.10 lb in Patch 5 has been fixed. Developers have now admitted that it was a mistake.

This was mistakenly undone in Patch 5. We are addressing this in a hotfix going live later today. This issue occurred when a merge of our development builds failed to execute properly prior to releasing patch 5. We are working on ways to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Other issues like bulk not automatically scrapping, plans and recipes appearing as “Known” for all characters and more have also been fixed. You can check out issues and their fixes in-detail on

If you still want to play the latest Fallout game in the series despite all the trouble then we advise you to wait until March when PvP mode without any restrictions arrives. It’s called the survival mode and it’s not a walk in the park. Furthermore, new PvE content is also rumored to arrive around the same time which can take the game towards a good direction.