Xbox Live Issues Cause Plague Of Black Screens, No Word On Solution Yet

An error has apparently popped up on the Xbox One recently, where a number of Xbox Live issues are causing a plague of black screens. Microsoft doesn’t know how to fix it at the moment, though they have confirmed something is wrong with the system (though they probably won’t tell us.)

Normally something like this would be announced on the official Xbox Live status page, but that page is also currently down (hopefully not from the same thing impacting Xbox Ones currently). Gamers who run into the error likely will turn on their consoles and be greeted with a notification that you’ve signed in, but will otherwise get a black screen.

With a black screen, this means that you’re unable to play games, watch videos, or any of the other things that you can do on the Xbox One. And even if you’re not getting a black screen when you turn on your console, Xbox Live appears to be down as well, keeping you from playing games online.

This is the first big Xbox Live error that’s struck the service in a while beyond simple down-time, so who knows how long it will take Microsoft to fix it, both in terms of the Xbox Live issues regarding downtime, and the ones that are causing Xbox Ones to have a black screen when they turn on.

What’s causing the Xbox Live issues also remains a mystery. While there have been two different enormous games that have come out over the past few days (The Resident Evil 2 remake and Kingdom Hearts 3), both out on the Xbox One, neither of them have multiplayer components to burden the system. It might also be some sort of DDOS attack, or just a random crash.

Either way, hopefully the Xbox Live issues will be resolved quickly, and Xbox fans can get back to playing their games.