How to Redeem Pre-Order Bonus DLC in Kingdom Hearts 3

This Kingdom Hearts III Guide will help you with redeeming your pre-order DLC Keyblades for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III comes with a pre-order bonus. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions come with their own pre-order DLC. Here is how you can redeem the DLC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Order Bonus DLC

If you pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts III, you will get DLC Keyblades as a pre-order bonus. However, you do not need to redeem it, as the bonus will unlock as soon as you enter the main menu and will be added to your inventory.

Xbox One users will get Phantom Green Keyblade while the PlayStation 4 users will receive Midnight Blue Keyblade.

Dawn Til Dusk and Starlight Keyblade

Dawn Til Dusk Keyblade is an Amazon exclusive pre-order bonus while Starlight Keyblade is rewarded if you played Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. You just need to input the DLC code you received to redeem these Keyblades.

PlayStation 4 users need to go to PSN store and scroll down to “Redeem Codes”. Select it and input the code, confirm it and you will have redeemed you Keyblade.

Xbox One users need to go to the marketplace and select “Redeem Code”. Input the code; confirm it and the Keyblade is yours.

That is all for our Kingdom Hearts III Guide on how to redeem your pre-order bonus items.