Overwatch Receives Another New Map, Paris is Now Live on PTR

Blizzard’s multiplayer FPS game has gotten a big update recently. That’s right, Overwatch has gotten a new map named Paris.

The official listing of the Overwatch new map describes it as one of the assault variety. That’s just what we need, another payload map for people to neglect.

But no I joke, this is actually good news. I despise the two-point capture maps due to how many times you usually have to fight the respawning defense.

The last few maps we received included Rialto as an escort map, Horizon Lunar Colony as a two-point capture, Junkertown as an escort, and a few deathmatch maps.

Blizzard world was the last assault map that was added to the game, finally, we’re getting another. King’s row is probably the only other one I can think off the top of my head.

The map which is based in France also shares the location in common with one of the playable characters. Widowmaker, the sniper DPS who’s place of birth was in France. Could there be some sort of lore insert or other plot relevance pertaining to her? Probably a dialogue at most, maybe even a short if we’re lucky.

The map has only been announced to be coming soon BUT, it’s accessible right now to owners of Overwatch on PC. They can find the new map on the PTR.

Good luck memorizing where every health pack is and what areas you can flank from. I’ve still been seeing new flanks to old maps, like this McCree that landed on my head with a flashbang from a perch point. Or this overambitious Soldier main who used an interesting rocket jump maneuver. Blizzard games really took embracing his identity to a whole new level.

Will Blizzard’s constant updating to Overwatch maybe tone down its toxicity? Probably not, But there’s hope.