Crackdown 3 Gamerscore Points May Total Over 2,000 On Release, Claims Rumor

A recent rumor has come out claiming that Crackdown 3 gamerscore points will be over 2,000 when the game releases this year when it comes to achievements. That’s a huge difference in other Xbox Games, which normally launch with around 1,000 points all around. The news comes from known insider Klobrille on Twitter.

Normally, games that release on the Xbox are required to have at least a thousand gamerscore worth of points for achievements. However, barring DLC, most games don’t go beyond that, and even then don’t get extremely high like Crackdown 3 apparently does.

Crackdown 3 gamerscore points are apparently going to be evenly divided between the game’s single player and multiplayer mode, which is called Wrecking Zone. While Klobrille is a known insider, however, he still can’t verify his own information, so it would be best for us to take it with a grain of salt.

Considering the size of the city that we’ll be running around in (and destroying) in Crackdown 3, it’s no surprise that there’s going to be plenty of achievements to earn both in singleplayer and multiplayer. Running around collecting orbs, destroying buildings, racking up certain amounts of money in damage inflicted, and more will all count towards the Crackdown 3 Gamerscore points you can earn, and that’s not even getting into multiplayer.

Crackdown 3’s huge number of achievements will likely be great for completionists and achievement hunters, however, since all of those Crackdown 3 gamerscore points will likely all be spread across a wide variety of challenges and things to do.

Crackdown 3 is finally slated to be coming on February 15 after years of delays since it was initially announced, and the game will have a lot of ground to make up, not just from the years of development time but from the bad reputation that Crackdown 2 has. Either way, we can expect it to release on February 15 exclusively on the Xbox One and PC.