Resident Evil 3 Remake Is Possible If Fans Demand It, Says Producer

Resident Evil 2 remake launched with critical acclaim and Capcom has hinted at Resident Evil 3 remake but, there is a catch. According to Capcom, Resident Evil 3 remake development will start if enough fans want it.

Speaking with Game Watch, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi noted that fans made it clear that they want a Resident Evil 2 remake and Capcom developed it.

He added that convincing Capcom to develop Resident Evil 3 is simple. All fans have to do it make their voice heard. In short, if you want Resident Evil 3 Nemesis remake then let Capcom know.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis launched in 1999 and like the original RE2, Resident Evil 3 also features a fixed-camera perspective. It will be interesting to see an RE3 Remake with an over the shoulder perspective.

This isn’t the first time Capcom has expressed its desire to remake Resident Evil 3. According to producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, he would like to remake all Resident Evil games with fixed camera perspective.

I think it would be interesting to provide over-the-shoulder versions of our other fixed-camera titles. But for the time being my priority is making Resident Evil 2 a success.

RE3 was the last main entry in the Resident Evil series to feature a fixed camera perspective. With Resident Evil 2 remake launched, it seems like a perfect time for Capcom to develop the Resident Evil 3 Nemesis remake.

Even if Capcom decides to remake the RE3, it will be a while before we will get to play it as the studio is probably working on Resident Evil 8.

Also, the RE2 remake has been very successful. The game has shipped 3 million units worldwide in less than a week beating the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7.

We can’t forget Resident Evil 7 for bringing back the RE series back to its roots. The success of Resident Evil 2 remake can be partially attributed to the goodwill that RE7 brought to the franchise.

Also, Capcom has removed the Denuvo DRM from Resident Evil 7. Capcom didn’t specify why the DRM was removed but it could be due to the DRM license expiring.

Furthermore, a report has emerged suggesting that Netflix is working on a live-action Resident Evil series. Reportedly, the live-action series will be handled by the same studio that worked on Resident Evil movies.

Source: Game Watch