Nintendo Switch Firmware 7.0.0 Goes Live, Hacked In 4 Hours

Nintendo has rolled out Firmware 7.0.0 for Switch that brings stability improvements, additional language support and more. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch Firmware update 7.0.0 was hacked in just a matter of hours.

To be exact, the Nintendo Switch Firmware was hacked in about 4 hours after it went live. The reason why this is so interesting is the fact that Nintendo included new security codes with Switch Firmware 7.0.0.

The inclusion of new security codes caused the hacking community to go on a high-alert. However, with the Nintendo Switch firmware hacked in a matter of hours, I wonder if that was even necessary.

Hacker “elmirorac” was the one to hack the Nintendo Switch Firmware in just a matter of hours. Also, this is an alarming situation for Nintendo itself.

With hackers circumventing Nintendo’s security in just 4 hours, puts a lot of Switch users at risk. Not to mention this will further promote piracy and will be a pain on the neck for video game developers themselves.

This is not the first time the Nintendo Switch had been hacked. In 2018, a future-proof Switch hack was released by Team-Xecuter. According to hackers, this Switch hack opens up the console to custom firmware.

Not to mention the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip used in Nintendo Switch is compromised. Hackers claim that Nvidia and Nintendo know about the hardware exploit.

This means every Nintendo Switch unit is vulnerable and can only be countered if Nintendo releases a revised version of Switch with revised hardware.

That said, the Tegra bootrom bug is so obvious that multiple people have independently discovered it by now; at best, a release by other homebrew teams is inevitable, while at worst, a certain piracy modchip team might make the first move. 90 days ago, we begun the responsible disclosure process with Google, as Tegra chips are often used in Android devices.

As for how well the Switch is performing in terms of sales. According to the industry analyst, Switch will lead hardware sales in 2019.

He added that sales will likely be driven by the upcoming Pokemon game. Not only that, the “continued strength of Nintendo’s evergreen franchises” will see the console to come at the top.

Also, it Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster is coming to Switch if the store listing is to be beleived. According to the listing, Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster along with Liberation remaster are coming to Switch.

Source: Reddit