Metro Exodus Exclusivity “Unfair To Steam Customers”, Says Valve

Several days ago, it was announced that Metro Exodus, 4A Games’s upcoming next entry in the Metro series, would be exclusively available on the Epic Games store. Now, Valve is pleading their case on why Metro Exodus exclusivity shouldn’t be allowed because it’s not fair to Steam’s customer base.

For a number of years now, Steam has been the nearly-uncontested master of digital PC game sales, helped along by a constantly-growing catalogue and a number of sales that happen every year. While other programs like Origin and Uplay have grown up for more specialized titles, the Epic Games Store is a much more Steam-like setup.

Metro Exodus exclusivity on the Epic Games Store isn’t the first time that a newly-released game has been snatched up by the nascent store. A number of other games that have released onto the Epic Games Store instead of Steam include Ashen and The Division 2, while a number of other PC ports like thatgamecompany’s artful game Journey have also been added to its catalogue, instead of Steam.

The Epic Games Store so far is nothing compared to Steam, but its main attraction to developers is that it allows for 18% more sales profits to go back to the developers, rather than the 30% that most other studios have to deal with. This allows them to be able to keep more of the profits, which helps the studios in the long run.

At the same time, Steam being dominant for so long has made it so that Valve’s complaint about Metro Exodus exclusivity does have some merit. While the Epic Games Store might have a lot of good games on it, people who are unwilling to have more than one video game store on their computers might skip out.

Steam has also had a long pre-order period available for the game, meaning players who spent money to get the game the day it came out won’t be getting it from the same source. Then again, it’s also likely Valve is just making an excuse for why they can’t have the game too, since both Metro games are already available on their platform too.

Metro Exodus comes out February 15 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.