What Does Anthem’s Buggy VIP Demo Means for Open Demo?

Anthem’s VIP Demo was a total disaster, to say the least. Paying customers were left out of the demo while sponsored streamers and influencers¬†enjoyed their time with Anthem’s demo on priority bases it seems. BioWare refused to fix the problem as it may mess up the experience for those already inside the servers. The servers were rushed by a large number of players.

The number of players accessing the demo isn’t hard to calculate, each EA and Origin Access member, as well as those who pre-ordered, had three friends invites so all you need to do is multiply the number of pre-orders and Access members by 3.

The server couldn’t handle the load and crumbled under pressure. Moreover, a host of other issues such as the infinite loading screen affected a vast majority of Anthem players. And while BioWare has apologized for the problems, it doesn’t seem very interested in doing much about it to make sure the open demo is better. Although¬†the developer has now released a list of bugs that it plans to fix come Anthem’s open demo.

However, just how well can we expect an open demo to go? Considering how anyone and everyone can now access the servers. Will BioWare servers be able to handle the load of so many players?

This is a question that is currently popping up in our minds. Keeping Anthem’s VIP demo is mind it is safe to say players should keep their expectations in check for Anthem’s open demo. The demo may end up being in a worse state than the VIP experience BioWare and EA offered last weekend.

Anthem open demo starts on February 1 and is going to end on February 3. Players will be able to, hopefully, access the open demo on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no information regarding the current client working in the open demo for Anthem. However, it is likely that you won’t need to download a different client to play the open demo for Anthem.