Anthem Will Allow you to Sprint in Fort Tarsis at Launch, Mark Darrah Confirms

BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson has now confirmed that the players will be able to sprint in Fort Tarsis when Anthem officially releases. One of the complaints that the lucky players of the demo faced is related to player movement when exploring Fort Tarsis HQ in first person mode.

The players who managed to the VIP demo are reporting that their characters were limited to a walking speed thus not allowing them to sprint and it’s something most gamers prefer to do to save time. There was not any sprint button and it wasn’t a bug as the executive director confirms.

Mark Darrah says that it was their decision to make all of the players “feel a little bit underpowered, so you really felt that strong difference between out of the suit and in the suit.”

We want it to feel like walking. If you look at most video games, you’re sprinting everywhere and we gave you a jet pack machine for when you’re out in the world, and we really want it to feel like you’re just a person walking around and now you are that person in Iron Man armour.

You don’t have to worry anymore as the team now knows what the players actually want so they are now going to make changes to it. In short, you will be able to sprint on day one when the game releases worldwide on February 22, 2019.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Casey Hudson talked about this whole sprint situation.

There was a run speed that was in [the game]. And then for some reason it was out of the game for when that particular build [the VIP demo build] was made. It is back in, in the main game, anyway.

The creators of Mass Effect series are currently busy to make things better after the terrible launch of VIP demo. BioWare has now outlined all of the changes done to the final version through its blog which includes performance improvements and many more.

Anthem open demo starts on February 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC a few weeks away from the official release date. If you want to play the game early or for free then it’s your only chance.

If you don’t want to take the risk of installing and being disappointed before the final version arrives, you can watch some new gameplay of Anthem on Youtube.