Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaks on Pornhub, Everyone is Going Bananas

Well at least I’m safe. Some of the gameplay leaks from Kingdom Hearts 3 have started squirting open on Porn websites. One, in particular, has been reported as Pornhub. *Hyuck*

Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to go live tomorrow, January 29th, in West, but the leaks on these Porn websites have become so viral that people really can’t wait for this game to cum.

From what we could strap on the internet, the leaks came from some early copies of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Some retailers started selling Kingdom Hearts 3 copies early last year. Though this sale was quickly cancelled and the matter immediately closed, some of the copies were still delivered to lucky people.

Square Enix has started deleting posts related to Kingdom Hearts 3, but we all know how people know how to goofy off in the corner.

Since Square Enix doesn’t have any power against the dark-ish side of the web, the Porn websites, most people have found it to be a safe haven to share their videos of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Some of the videos that have been uploaded to Pornhub are related to gameplay, several cutscenes, and even spoilers for the game.

Thankfully, Square Enix didn’t add the epilogue and secret movie to the initial copies. So no one gets spoiled.

Kingdom Hearts III’s Director Tetsuya Nomura got a hold of this issue last month and immediately sent out a message through the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page.

Tetsuya Nomura is pleading the community to not share any content regarding the game.

Yes, we understand the concern considering the game has been in development for so many years that it has almost become a meme. Kingdom Hearts 3 will release World-wide on January 29th 2019, on both Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4.

You can pre-order your Kingdom Hearts 3 Deluxe copy today. You will receive an Exclusive Pin, Steelbook Case and an Artbook.

Since the game uses an Unreal Engine, perhaps we could have a PC port too? Maybe Jafar in the future? I guess it is time for us to let it go?

Speaking of ports, a port to Android, like the Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition would be pretty nice too. We all know how new games are getting released on Android.