Anthem VIP Servers Overloaded During Demo, A Good Omen For The Game?

Anthem VIP servers have apparently been overloaded from the moment the demo became available, so there’s at least one good omen for the game, which has had a mixed reception for the entirety of its development cycle. The VIP demo is the first early access gameplay since the Alpha back in December.

Players who had pre-ordered the game beforehand or subscribed to EA Origin Early Access were the only ones able to access the demo, but this might herald a bad period in the game’s early days if EA didn’t believe that the game would be popular enough to warrant larger Anthem VIP servers. At the same time this might also be indicative of how many people are willing to at least try out the game.

Anthem is a shared-world shooter game a la Destiny and The Division that takes place on a world that’s been left unfinished by the gods, leaving the humans on it in a great deal of danger from a wide variety of threats, as the world remains governed by something known as the “Anthem of Creation.”

Players take on the role of Freelancers, who suit up in Iron Man-style power armor suits called Javelins to take on missions in the wilderness outside of the city of Fort Tarsis. Over the past few weeks we’ve been seeing a lot more gameplay from the game, including various missions, the strengths and weaknesses of each Javelin, and more.

Hopefully the Anthem VIP servers incident won’t be happening with the full release of the game, as Anthem is BioWare’s chance to redeem themselves following the failure of Mass Effect Andromeda, and they also have to impress an audience that has already seen games like Destiny and The Division, which Anthem not only has to distinguish itself from, but also compete with.

Either way, Anthem comes out for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 22.