Fallout 76 PvP Mode “Survival” Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Bethesda Softworks has unveiled that its online shooter RPG Fallout 76 will get a new PvP mode called Survival. The new online mode is currently in beta for Fallout 76 players to test. Developers of the game continue to bring new content to the game after harsh criticism from the reviewers.

Bethesda is calling this new survival mode very dangerous and say that it will arrive in a future update. After the arrival of this new update, you will have two options to choose from the main menu. One being the Adventure mode that we all are already familiar with and the new Survival mode which comes with a twist.  New PvP mode in Fallout 76 brings all of the quests, events, and story from the Adventure mode but every player in this mode will be unfriendly.

In this new PvP mode, you can use old characters but Bethesda advises everyone to create new characters specifically for this survival mode. Basically using characters from Adventure mode will also bring its progress along which can get a lot worse in this new non-friendly mode so it’s all up to you if you want to risk it all or not.

You don’t have to worry about high-level characters from the Adventure mode as the creators’ have confirmed that level scaling works the same way in both modes, allowing you to have a chance against other players in the Wasteland.

Survival mode is not for the faint of heart! All players, except your teammates or event groupmates, are automatically flagged as hostile toward one another by default. There are no “invitations” to PVP combat in Survival mode. You can attack other players without restriction from the first shot you line up, meaning every encounter you have with a stranger could turn deadly in the blink of an eye.

Bethesda Softworks confirmed that they will continue to make this mode even better over time. The development team is currently experimenting with death mechanics in this mode so expect changes to happen later.

Players who die in Survival mode will be unable to use the seek revenge respawn option against their aggressors and can only choose to respawn at their C.A.M.P. or Vault 76. We’re also planning to award you double the Caps when you kill another player, and they may drop their Aid or other items in addition to their Junk.

Leaderboards for this new mode will also be available allowing you to see where you currently stand against your friends and the world. Finally, you will be able to show off how good you are at the game. According to the creators of Fallout, they are hoping to release this new game mode sometime in March.

The latest entry into the Fallout series being an online-only game didn’t turn out to be a good move from Bethesda. Especially, the fans of Fallout franchise who played games like Fallout 4 and New Vegas disliked this new approach,  which is why it is the lowest rated Fallout game ever.

Fallout 76 was recently rumored to go free to play soon but that’s not happening so don’t get your hopes high. Furthermore, the official Fallout 76 leather jacket from Bethesda’s Gear store didn’t receive a good response from the community and now everyone is making fun of it.

All in all, it is safe to say that Fallout 76 and all things related to it have turned out to be a disaster.