Miyazaki Is Okay With Another Studio Making A Demon Souls Remaster

Hidetaka Miyazaki recently received his lifetime achievement award for the Dark Souls series. After that, he’s been working on Sekiro: Shadows die twice which releases in a couple of months. But what about the roots of the Souls series itself? Will we ever get to see a Demon Souls remaster? Miyazaki isn’t opposed to the idea.

“Thinking about the idea of a remaster gives me kind of butterflies in my stomach and makes me a little nervous, so it’s complicated. But I understand there are many users and many players and fans out there who really love Demon’s, so if that’s something they could accomplish with a studio that loved the work, then yeah, I’d be okay with that.”

Demon Souls was the origin to the Dark Souls series itself. Though the former was on previous generation consoles, specifically the PlayStation 3. While Miyazaki doesn’t own the trademark itself, his word definitely counts for something, seeing as he made the game. The decision, in the end, is up to Sony.

Has Demon Souls really aged that well though? Of course, it was an amazing game for its time. It paved the way for the entire Souls franchise. But would it still be enjoyable from a mechanical perspective after the goodness that is Dark Souls 3?

The lukewarm reception of the Dark Souls 1 remaster is a good example of my point. The game was amazing for its time, with most of its flaws and other bugs often overlooked. Going back to it after playing Dark Souls 3 more or less cleared our perspective. We realized that the game’s classic difficulty was owed quite a bit to the mechanical clunkiness. Although I’ll still admit that Artorias kicks my ass to this day.

Do you wanna see a Demon Souls remaster just as much as Miyazaki does?

Source: Gameinformer