Far Cry New Dawn Will Have “light RPG” Mechanics, What’s New?

Ubisoft has now clarified all of the confusion regarding Far Cry New Dawn by revealing that they are going for a “light RPG” approach with it. New Dawn is basically a sequel to Far Cry 5 but in the form of DLC which I personally never wanted but Ubisoft is now teasing some interesting new things about it which makes it different from the original game.

Creative director Jean-Sebastien Decant recently took it to Twitter to clarify that Far Cry New Dawn is more than just a reskin with a new apocalypse theme, crazy new weapons, cars and more. Now, the thing which exactly makes this Far Cry New Dawn a new attraction is the use of RPG mechanics for the first time in Far Cry series by Ubisoft. You will be now able to craft new guns and they will now have ranks. Not just that as the enemies now have ranks too.

Jean-Sebastien Decant said:

We pushed what we call the ‘light RPG’ approach in the game to create more depth. So you’ll be able to craft guns that have ranks and these ranks, they will be useful to fight against enemies that also have ranks. We have the brand-new Prosperity home base in which you will be able to rally your characters and invest in order to get better upgrades.

The most interesting change in the upcoming DLC of Far Cry 5 is going to be the addition of a new escalation system for outposts in the game. For the first time, you will now be able to abandon an outpost. Abandoning any outpost results in enemies coming back with more resources and stronger defense offering you a tougher challenge than ever before.

For some fans, the most interesting change will be the addition of an ‘escalation system’ for outposts. Instead of just murdering everyone at an outpost and taking over it, players will now be able to choose between claiming an outpost and its resources, or opting to ‘squeeze it’:

If you squeeze it, you’re going to abandon it, Decant explained. And now that it’s vacant, the enemy is going to come back, put more resources in it, and also more defense, and create a new challenge.

With all these new changes, Ubisoft is hoping to bring back players to Far Cry series by offering new experiences so they have more fun in the game by taking more outposts or by ranking up.

The New Dawn DLC has also received a mature rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board as the game “contains brief sexual references” which is not something new in the series.

Far Cry New Dawn is scheduled to release on February 15, 2019, for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.