Microsoft Wants Your Opinion To Improve Gaming On Windows 10

Microsoft has started a new scheme where it wants you, the gamers, to share ideas on how to improve the gaming experience on Windows 10. Apparently, Microsoft intends to improve gaming on its Windows 10 platform.

You can check out the Gaming on Windows 10 page, started by Team Xbox to see some of the most popular ideas and to submit your own. Do note that you will need to share your email address before you can vote or add new ideas. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Google account.

The project is currently in collection phase, where it will only collect data (opinions, ideas, and suggestions) from willing users. Additionally, it will also count the votes to your favorite ideas.

The website warns though that: “Submitted ideas go into a queue and reviewed for clarity, language, and impact”. Of course, that is understandable.

With 762 votes, at the time of writing, the idea on the top is “When Running a Game, Windows Should Automatically Disable Processes While Playing” which basically means that Windows will automatically kill a task that is running in the background while a game is running.

This is very similar to what Game Boosters do, but an official app that is compatible with all upcoming Windows versions would be pretty nice too. Of course, Game Boosters are not really recommended unless you have a low amount of RAM, considering they can be pretty dangerous

With 482 votes, the second idea is “Create a Version of Windows Specifically for Gaming”. Of course, this doesn’t seem like an exact idea and everyone will have their own opinion on how the Gaming version of Windows 10 would be. Some would say “Remove Paint, MS-Office, and literally all other apps that aren’t needed to game”.

I would think it to be more similar to an Openbox (Linux) experience. Like, there should be a button on Windows 10 called “Game Mode” (not the one present right now) and it would close all applications and even the explorer.

After that, it’ll boot into a very minimal UI with only a bare-minimum Explorer version that takes little to no memory at all. Users can then game on that efficient explorer. And after they are done, maybe they can return to Original Windows by clicking “Turn off Game Mode”?

This would definitely be a workaround to the File Explorer not responding on Windows 10 after you stop playing a game.

Another idea popping in my head is related to Snipping Tools. You can use Snipping Tools to easily take a screenshot of apps, right? Well, it doesn’t really work all that well on most full-screen games. It would be great if Microsoft could fix that. I don’t really like the current Xbox app for taking Screenshots.

There are a few intuitive ideas too, like “Allow Users to Launch Games on PC with a Controller” which is essentially present on Steam in Big Picture Mode, but not on Windows 10, even though it has a full touch interface.

Some users feel uncomfortable using a pre-defined Xbox control scheme, and the process to customize the controller mapping right now is just too long. “Make it Easier to Customize Controller Mapping via the Xbox Accessories App on PC” is currently sitting at 212 votes, and it definitely needs a boost.

You can check out more of these ideas on Xbox Ideas.

Of course, some users just want Microsoft to just fix their Windows 10, especially after the OS-breaking bugs in Windows 10 1803 and even in Windows 10 1809. We all remember how Windows 10 is one buggy mess-hole. I, myself, would not recommend anyone to feature update to Windows 10 1803, 1809 or even the Spring Creators Update anytime soon. Do NOT download that Windows 10 Update Assistant.