PSN Winter Flash Sale Offers Discount Prices Up To 75%; Street Fighter V, Thief and More

The PSN Winter flash sale lasts till the end of Monday. Why should you be interested? Because the games in question have had a price reduction of 75%. Here’s what you can get for a much cheaper price throughout the short duration of this flash sale.

Technomancer is an action RPG game set on the human colonization of Mars. It follows the story of a rookie learning to embrace his newfound magical abilities. Combining those with futuristic technology, players will embark on a quest filled with multiple ways and scenarios to pacify situations in. Finishing off with a multiple ending type arc. Recruit and upgrade companions while also choosing between a few skill trees, adapting to your preferred playstyle.

Lego Bundles and Games
So here’s a treat for the kids as well as adults. Go on a fun little adventure, built brick by brick. Whether that be in the Lego movie games bundle or the other two. One of which is actually the Lego Avengers game. A bit underrated for everything it accomplished honestly. Since you basically had the entirety of New York as your playground. You were able to explore it in a multitude of ways. Such as driving around in Captain America’s patriotic automobile or flying as Iron-Man.

The Lego Force Awakens also made it to the flash sale. Star Wars was the first of the Lego game series. Dating back to the PlayStation 2 era when the characters didn’t even speak. Fun to see how the game series aged with us, now getting all the way to the Force Awakens.

The classic stealth based sneak and loot game came back with a reboot recently. One that’s now had a nice and steep decline down 75% of its regular price. Slide on that caped black outfit and tug up your veils to step into the boots of master burglar Garret once again. Uncovering a plot regarding an apprentice that lost her way.

L.A Noire
One of Rockstar’s most underrated titles due to not being GTA or Red Dead Redemption. L.A Noire follows the story of Cole Phelps, a veteran turned police patrolman. The game emphasizes on following cases and investigating crime scenes. Followed by interrogating and questioning suspects. A mechanic that made the game quite popular. The motion capture acting was also amazing for its time.

Street Fighter V
Perhaps the best out of these offers especially for how recent the new release is. Street Fighter V is the latest installment of the long-time running Street Fighter series. A franchise of 2D fighting games with retro vibes and feels maintained through the years. Enter the classic Gi’s of Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, and other classics. Alongside new faces like Mika and Sophia as well.

Speaking of Street Fighter, see what Capcom have doneĀ regarding in-app purchases and microtransactions.