Nvidia RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 Ti – Nvidia Isn’t Lying!

Nvidia claims RTX 2060 to be faster compared to GTX 1070. But in this day and age, claims are not enough, consumers need proof and we are here for an Nvidia RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 Ti comparison.

Youtuber “Wolfgang” has tested out 8 games on both Nvidia RTX 2060 and the GTX 1070 Ti to see if the former is really faster than the latter.

Obviously, we will be comparing FPS for these games to determine 2060’s performance compared to GTX 1070 Ti. All of these games were tested on Ultra graphical settings.

The system used for testing these games uses the Intel Core i5-8600K 4.8GHz, MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON Motherboard, 16 GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM, and Samsung SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2.

First up, if The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the from the tests it is obvious that the RTX 2060 clearly has an upper hand in the RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 Ti comparison. The RTX 2060 is 15.3 FPS ahead of the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti. Furthermore, the RTX 2060 also saw lower frame times compared to the 1070 Ti.

Next up is the Far Cry 5, which itself is a very optimized PC game. For this game, the results are the same as the Nvidia RTX 2060 clearly beats the GTX 1070 Ti. The following is the full list games, along with their comparisons.

RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 Ti

Game AVG. FPS RTX 2060 AVG. FPS GTX 1070 Ti
The Witcher 3 145 129.9
Far Cry 5 121.5 113.4
Rise of the Tomb Raider 122.5 117.0
Forza Horizon 4 110.1 123.1
The Division 93.9 92
Watch Dogs 2 76.1 73.3
Battlefield V 120 111.3
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 89.4 74.2

In all of the games, the RTX 2060 beats the 1070 Ti except for Forza Horizon 4. You can check out the tests in the video below.

The Nvidia RTX 2060 is a clear winner compared to the GTX 1070 Ti. Also, these games aren’t even optimized for 2060, so expect better performance in future games.

Furthermore, Nvidia claims it to be 60% faster than the GTX 1060. Nvidia has improved the GPU is every way and the inclusion of the real-time Ray Tracing support is the icing on the top.

Speaking of the Nvidia, last year the cryptocurrency boom caused the GPU prices to skyrocket. While the cryptocurrency craze has died down but at the time Nvidia introduced mining specific GPUs in an effort to bring GPU prices down.

These Nvidia mining GPUs don’t have any display ports, so they can’t be used for gaming. But, that is no longer the case as Nvidia P106 Mining GPU can be used to play games.

What is more interesting if that the Nvidia P106 Mining is a GTX 1060 equivalent and it only costs around $70. Not only that, this mining GPU even delivers performance equivalent to the GTX 1060. However, getting this mining GPU to work as a gaming GPU requires some effort.

Also, RTX 20 series GPUs brought us the real-time Ray Tracing. But, turns out you don’t need RT Cores to support real-time Ray Tracing.

PC enthusiasts managed to run Battlefield 5 with Ray Tracing enabled on an Nvidia Titan V and it doesn’t even have RT Cores to support it. It was done at a software level using the DirectX 12 and the sheer computational power of the $3000 GPU.