The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 Collectibles Guide

As The Walking Dead nears the end of its emotional saga, there’s a lot at stakes regarding the character’s fates and the overarching narrative.

However, from a gameplay standpoint, players especially the completionist type, will want to uncover every piece of mystery when it comes to obtaining all Achievements/Trophies and completing the game in its entirety.

Our The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 Collectibles Locations Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about finding all the collectibles.

The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 Collectibles

As always, collectibles serve solely as a means to have a collection of hidden items and thus earn a Trophy/Achievement.

It should be noted that all collectibles acquired would require Clementine to head to her bedroom and place them there should you be willing to grab that precious Trophy/Achievement.

Towards the start of the chapter, when you proceed to a basement for interrogating the prisoner, Abel, you’ll come across a red flag with the words ‘Ericson Academy’. The flag is situated on a well to the left just after entering the cellar.

On a shelf within the same basement not far from the flag, an Etcha Sketch Pad can be found. The shelf itself is located nearby the boiler.

During your search for your friends and scouting of the area for the bandit group, you’ll come across a fallen tree log. This is directly in the opposite direction to that of Violet. So head to the fallen tree and look around to find the Horseshoe collectible.

After collecting the Horseshoe item, proceed towards Willy. Without speaking with Willy, search the grassy area around him to find the Rabbit Foot towards the back of Willy.

When encountering James near the barn door, head left to find a pile of hay. Just behind the first pile, you’ll be able to collect the ‘Beet Nick’ toy.

At the same door that James was standing by, this time take right instead and you’ll find some Windchimes hanging from a wall just next to a barred wooden passageway.

After collecting all six of these items, you’ll unlock the ‘Hunter’ Trophy/Achievement. Head back to your room and place these items to unlock the ‘Feels like Mine’ Trophy/Achievement as well.