What Is Death Stranding About? The Answer Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Death Stranding, a Hideo Kojima game, is currently under development at Kojima Productions, it has been for over 3 years. Hideo Kojima used brilliant cryptic marketing to make sure no one knows what Death Stranding is about, even after seeing its gameplay demo and teaser trailers.

Death Stranding’s release date is another mystery we have been trying to solve with whatever bits and pieces of information we get. However, today we may have the most significant piece of information related to Death Stranding’s release date. No, no, Hideo Kojima nor Kojima Productions have confirmed the release date.

If you are a frequent social media user you would know that a recent trend is running wild. Be it Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook, people are showing their 10-year transformation under the #10yearschallange.

Voice actor Troy Baker, who is known for his roles in The Last of Us, Batman Arkham games, and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, posted his transformation by sharing two roles he played in 2009 and 2019.

Here’s his Tweet that sparked speculations about Death Stranding’s possible release window.

Many think this is a confirmation that Death Stranding is releasing in 2019. This is just one of the many rumors surrounding the game’s release date, however, this is the most significant one since Troy Baker is actually involved with the production of Death Stranding.

When is Death Stranding coming out? And what is Death Stranding about? Are two major questions and if this Tweet is an actual tease we have the answer to at least one of the questions. Still, 2019 is just a release window as we need a solid release date before we can start to celebrate.

What is Death Stranding About?
Well, this is a million dollar question, isn’t it? Many things point to the elements of time travel, dark holes, purgatory, and death. Kojima recently showed the game on Guerilla Games, the studio that created Death Stranding’s engine. Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions used the DECIMA engine with help from Guerilla Games to develop Death Stranding.

According to reports, Guerilla Games is in awe over what they experienced. The two hours long gameplay demo showed them more than what the public has ever seen.