Vane Puzzles Solutions Guide – Tower, Gold Ball, Cave, Desert

Vane is a new title released exclusively on PS4, the premise of the game is on a journey of a kid who is able to transform into an eagle, allowing him to solve puzzles. The journey of Vane can be difficult. This Vane Puzzle Solutions Guide helps you figure out the puzzle in Vane.

Vane Puzzle Solutions

Our Vane Puzzles Guide will help you learn of different techniques that you can employ to solve the different puzzles that the game throws at you.

Act 1

The first challenge you will encounter is in a barren desert. After being done with the prologue, you are set to fly on top of a desert as an eagle.

At this point, your main objective is to gather your fellow birds to help you take down a large weather vane. To do so, you must first gather enough birds to make a difference.

Initially, you have to explore the desert. Your main goal is to look for windsocks, scattered across the map, also keep an eye out for the large weather Vane too. You have to locate at least 4 windsocks.

Upon locating your first windsock, approach it and then land on top of it. You can land by pressing “Circle” on the PS4 controller. When perched, follow up by pressing “Triangle” on the PS4 controller.

The nearby birds will now be ready to aid you. In a similar manner, collect about 4 flocks of a bird.

Once you are done with the windsocks, you have to get to the large weather vane. If you haven’t located it already, a shiny light it projects can identify it.

Get to the Vane and set yourself on top of it, again by pressing “Circle” on the PS4 controller. While on the vane, press “Triangle”, this will call, all the birds you have managed to free to aid you.

They will topple the whole structure down, revealing a new area.

Act 2

This part of the game is more complex than the desert. You will be thrown into a cave where you will again have to explore for clues, to get yourself out of there.

Right of the bat, you will be able to see the exit gate, in the starting area, but you won’t be able to interact with it.

In order to pass through it, you will have to change yourself back to your child incarnation. In order to do so, you will need some gold dust.

Exploring the cave, you will notice a large mechanism placed in the area. The huge conveyor structure attached to the machinery directly across from the exit door stands out the most.

When activated that machinery will drop some gold dust near the exit door and allow you to turn into the child again. In order to do this, you will have to once again gather enough birds to aid you in accomplishing this task.

Therefore, now the task ahead of you is the gather some birds. When exploring, you will come across some cages that have a few birds flying and sitting over it.

You may approach that and land right over it by pressing “Circle” on the PS4 controller. After that press “Triangle” to set them free. They will fly out and wait for your signal at the exit game.

For the second cage, you have to find a pile of golden dust, at the other end of the cavern, use it to transform back into a child. Once you have transformed into a child, you can walk along the nearby path and look for the caged birds.

When you have located them, walk to them and press “Circle” to free them.

For the next part, you will have to find a golden ball in order to progress. This ball can be found, when you continue along the path away from the glitter pile, up the steps. Push this ball off the edge of the ledge to send it along the conveyor line.

You will find the second smaller golden ball attached to a chain, as you follow the path ahead.

Again, push this ball off the ledge, but this time it will swing because of the momentum by the chain, detach and fall across the map, bursting into a pile of golden dust.

Now you will have to transform into an eagle by jumping off the ledge and then make your way to the dust pile, where you have to transform back into the child.

Once, you are back to your normal self, head up the stairs, where you will find another cage. Interact with it and send another flock to the exit gate to wait for your signal.

All the cards are in place, now all you have to do is to activate the mechanism. Fly back towards the exit door and land on the rectangular mechanism connected to the conveyor.

While on that, press “Triangle” to call the freed birds to your aid. The birds will fix the broken mechanism, allowing the golden ball from earlier that you dropped on the conveyor to travel to the exit gate.

Halfway through, one of the beams of the conveyor will collapse, sending the ball near the exit gate where it will burst into a pile of golden dust.

Head over to the dust, transform back into the child, and get through the exit gates. However, you are not through with the cave yet. Once you have passed the exit gate, you will immediately face another trial.

You will be led to a room, where there are a number of cages spread around the area, with golden dust near them. You will need to locate several levers corresponding to the cages, pull them and set the birds free.

Once you have freed all the birds, the structure will shift its position revealing a large ball at the center of the room.

Act 3

After finding your way out of the cave, you will be set into a gloomy area where your main objective is to rally up some children to push a golden ball for you.

Naturally, as you progress, the game becomes more challenging and this is the lengthiest act of them all.

Make your way to the illuminated tower; it should be easy to locate it, because of the night. On the middle floor of the tower, you will find a golden ball, interact with it and you should be able to get yourself back to your child state.

Besides the ball, there will also be children waiting for you there. Get the ball loose by pressing “Triangle” on it, once loose, the children will mimic you, use that to push the ball ahead.

At this point, the correct path will be illuminated for you to follow. As you push, you will notice a hurdle in your way, the floor ahead is not present. Here you will be again prompted to hit “Triangle” that will cause you to reveal the hidden path.

Make your way across, where you will encounter two gates. The first gate can be accessed by simply pushing it.

Keep the ball away from it then, approach the door and push it until it is fully opened, it should stay locked in that position and you will be able to pass through it. The second gate has a different method of opening it.

When you are close enough, you will see a Vane connected to the gate. The Vane is high on the gate; as such, it is out of your reach.

In order to make your way to it, you will have to align the ball in such a way, that you will be able to make your way on top of the ball and get yourself to the Vane and interact with it to open the gate.

Continue pushing the ball until it rolls into a trench; here you will face your next trial. Start by positioning the ball in the middle of the trench, here you will be able to interact with it.

When interacting, your character will shout and a partial bridge will be formed. However, a partial bridge is not enough to get you across; you will need a fully built bridge.

In order to make a full bridge with your shout, you will need the help of more children.

The first group of children is found to the left, from where you entered the trench area. They will be stuck on a circular object in the middle of a pond.

You can break them free, by approaching them and pressing “Triangle”. They will run off and wait for you near the ball.

To find the next group of children, roll the gold ball into the sand pit off to the side of the exit door. If you position it correctly, you can shout at the ball to have it form a bridge that leads up to a staircase with a tree up top.

Run up the path and continue carefully walking along the narrow beams and walkways until you find the second group of children. Free them and return to the main golden ball.

Now you should have enough children to form the whole bridge. Again, position the ball correctly and interact with it, this time a full bridge will emerge.

Go up the steps and run along the bridge until you have reached the Vane on top of the gate. Push the Vane to open the gate.

Continue pushing the ball through the gate; push it off the ledge, where you will reach another large gateway. Keep rolling the ball through it and you will get into the Tower.

Once you get the ball inside the Tower, the game will save and the final stage will begin.

Final Act

Once you have reached the tower, push the ball to the center of the room, it will disappear and a mask will appear in its place. Pick up the mask, the mask will unlock the next area.

Once you have picked up the mask, you will notice, that there are several broken paths leading out of the room. You can pick one of these paths, reconstruct it and follow it.

If you choose to go left, you will be led to a large room through a colorful door at the end of the path. When you enter the room, you will be transported by the power of your mask to a new area.

In this new area, the path ahead will be broken but it will start to form as you move forward. Now you have to move around and find a bring light emitting from one of the broken sections.

If you manage to get lost, you can always reset by pressing hold the “Triangle”. Once you manage to find the light, you will be able to see a platform on the other side of the light. Walk towards the platform and the path under you will connect to it.

Continue following the path until you have transformed into one of the guardians. Keep moving along, you will reach a room filled with other guardians.

Here you will be asked to choose your fate; depending on your choice, you will receive a unique trophy.