Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Expansion Revealed, Features Dragons And Necromancy

Gamers who are still playing Elder Scrolls Online might be in for a little bit of a surprise soon. The trailer for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr expansion has been released, showing off the landscape of the region as well as giving us dragons for the first time since Skyrim.

Elsweyr, in the Elder Scrolls franchise, is the home of the Khajiit, the race of cat-like people that always have wares if you have coin. Players can expect a huge new questline, along with a great number of delves, dungeons, and quests. A new class will also be coming in the form of the Necromancer, likely allowing you to raise undead to fight for you alongside other magic like it.

The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr expansion will be the first part of the Season of the Dragon event for the game, part of the questline as you help to defend Elsweyr from dragon attacks after they were accidentally released from an ancient tomb. There will also be a twelve-player trial event called Sunspire, forcing you to team up with others to take on whatever challenges it involves.

The entire Season of the Dragon will be unfolding through a number of different DLCs and story arcs. These include the Wrathstone DLC, the Elsweyr chapter in this expansion, and then two more DLCs that will be coming later. All of these DLCs will be coming over the course of this year.

If you’re willing to pre-order the expansion pack, you can get it now and be able to grab a number of new costumes and gear, along with a new mount to help you fit in in the exotic new locale.

The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr expansion is likely to be a new experience for a huge number of Elder Scrolls players, who have been to many of the different provinces but never Elsweyr before. Either way, the expansion will launch on June 4.