Xbox Gamers are ‘Better’ Gamers Than PS4 and PC Players: LG

One of the world’s most popular Tech Giant, LG, recently held a study, in partnership with the Activision, to settle a debate: What gamers have the best reaction time: PC “Master-race”, Xbox or PS4. Turns out Xbox Gamers have the best overall reaction time ever, beating PC gamers by a whole 17.5 points (out of 100), and PS gamers by around 8.8.

LG Elite Reaction Test, which is the official name of this study, made a simple browser game that anyone can try on LG official page.

According to the press release, on average, Xbox gamers had 77.1% reaction accuracy, PS4 gamers had around 70% while PC gamers were 67.7& accurate. Xbox gamers were also able to hit the most targets (78%), while PS gamers hit only 74% and PC gamers, 70%. PC gamers, though, had the upper hand with their reaction speed. On average, PC gamers were able to hit 18% of the targets while they were green, while Xbox players ended with a meager 9%.

Fourteen hundred participants were measured for this study, according to the release.

You can also participate in this test by visiting the official website. Do note that you might need an HTML5 compatible browser before you can try it out. It seems to be a simple game. Choose your preferred console, and start shooting green orbs/targets. It doesn’t seem like that big a deal, or very accurate for that matter, considering even if you’re on PC, you can choose a PS4 or an XBox. Call me conceited or presumption, but this all seems like a marketing strategy from LG to me. Since the heated debate between PC and console users will almost never really die out, why not make some quick money off that? Of course, I have some proof to back that up. David Hall, LG’s Marketing Manager, added his remarks on the result and at the end, he said:

No matter how you choose to play, we’re dedicated to creating the best gaming experience we can, with our range of low latency 4K HDR gaming TVs designed to do games justice.

I kind of want to try the Xbox DVR on their 4K HDR gaming TVs now. Super high bitrate for life. Rest in peace, my beloved Hard Disks.
We can’t really say how accurate these results are, considering some people still have difficulty updating their Hulu app on Xbox One.

Speaking of gaming on Xbox One, the new DayZ Xbox One update is live. You can check the patch notes here. I’m not sorry for that Big Chungus Xbox image though. What I’m sorry for, is the bad editing skills though. I use MS-Paint okay!