New DayZ Update Patch Notes Adds Kazuar Night Vision Scope

A new DayZ update (January 14th, 2019) has been officially released by Bohemia Interactive for Xbox One. This new update is basically aimed at smaller Quality of Life stuff like fixing weapons reloading and not getting un-jammed.

You can find the update by heading over to your Xbox One’s System Settings and into the Updates & Downloads section. If you still don’t see the update, try to restart your console. The standard IT “Have you tried restarting your computer” works 99% of the times.

Most of the update is purely QoL, but three things have been added in this new update:

  • Firearm ghost icon
  • Fire Geo LoDs for Masks, Vests, Tops, Shoes, Pants, Headgear, and Gloves
  • Kazuar Night Vision Scope

You can find out the rest of the patch notes on DayZ Forums here. But here is a quick overview.

Weapon swapping fixed, facial hair fixed somewhat, PSO-1 scope fixed on K-AM, proper lifespan visuals, quickbar actions performed finally fixed, camera angle when climbing away from water is fixed, frequent game freezing when new players pop in should be fixed now too, Reset button and Disable HUD option now fixed too. There are a few other changes but nothing noteworthy.

DayZ is a survival open-world sandbox online game with 60 players on each server. DayZ was released on the Xbox One on 29th August 2018 and has been receiving a continuous stream of updates since then.

Anyways, here’s something interesting for PC players: DayZ 1.0 is finally live. You can find all the patch notes here on DayZ Forums. Do note that you might need to restart your Steam application before you can find this update, though that’s highly unlikely.

Oh Oh! There’s this cool thing called Xbox Gamers are ‘Better’ Gamers Than PS4 and PC Players. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Its a good news for Xbox players and hopefully will be a small nitrous boost between some video game companies so they start developing exclusives for Xbox One!

The poor console is still the strongest console up to date and still doesn’t have that many exclusives. I feel betrayed, if not scammed.