You Can Bypass Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo Time Limit

We reported earlier that Resident Evil 2’s REMAKE got a 1-shot demo that you could play 30 minutes of. 30 minutes gameplay and the demo would be unavailable for gameplay, no matter what you would do. Well, a few days have gone by, and since gamers will always be gamers, they have finally found a way to bypass that Resident Evil 2 demo limit.

This bypass requires the use of a program called “Steam Achievements Manager” (originally a program that was used to get/remove achievements on Steam on the games you own, with the click of a button). Steam Achievements Manager, or S.A.M, is still used by Steam users worldwide to “farm” for Trading Cards without actually having to download the game. This basically involves the user finding the PID of the game they need to farm the cards out of, adding that PID to the S.A.M User Interface and opening the new box that appears.

Moving into the topic, basically, if you use S.A.M to reset your progress on Resident Evil 2 DEMO, you can play it for another 30 minutes. Reset your progress after 30 minutes and you’ll get another 30 minutes. This can be used to play the game for an infinite amount of time, 30 minutes at a time. The downside, though, is that you’ll lose ALL your progress. You’ll have to start over from the start.
You can find the full process on CursedToast‘s video, but here are the things you will need to check:

    • Open your Steam Interface, goto Settings -> Cloud and untick the option “Enable cloud synchronization for applications that can support it”. If you’re using any game that uses vigorous Cloud Storage, like Rocket League, this could be a bit fatal, so be sure to recheck this option after you’re done doing the first one.
    • Open your Steam Folder. Direct yourself to userdata -> your unique username folder and delete this folder “961440”.
    • Download and run S.A.M. Be sure to have Steam running in the background.
    • Click on the first Text Box you see and enter the following: 961440
    • A Resident Evil 2 image will now show up.
    • Double click the Resident Evil 2 image and untick all Achievements you see here. Then click “Commit Changes”.
    • You’re done!

You can use these simple steps to play for an infinite time period. Do note that you might get banned for doing using S.A.M. If we find out a safer method, we will definitely let you know.