Bruce Campbell Teases New Evil Dead Game

The Evil Dead franchise is one that we’re all by now familiar with. The IP itself hasn’t had much of a comeback or even mention since 2013. That’s changed now, since actor and producer of the franchise, the legendary Bruce Campbell, teases a new Evil Dead game.

Bruce Campbell played the main lead of the original film series, Ash Williams. The one-armed chainsaw wielding Deadite killer/time traveler. He also voice acted the cult icon in the 2005 video game. In a recent Twitter exchange regarding a query to a new Evil Dead title, King Campbell did reply with a definitive yes. Pretty much confirming that he will indeed be reprising the role of Ash for an upcoming game.

This is great news for fans of the classic movies as well as the PlayStation 2 game.

There hasn’t really been any mention of the IP since the 2013 reboot of the original trilogy. That gap’s made even further if you consider how long ago the last Evil Dead game was. Since that dates back to 2005.

The Evil Dead is everything you’d want out of the retro feeling of the 80s and 90s. It’s got practical gore, time travel, demons, violence and freakin’ Bruce Campbell himself. What could we expect from the new game? All of that most likely.

That’s the thing though, all we know about the upcoming Evil Dead game is that it IS on the way. We also know that King Campbell will be playing the lead role for the game once more, so that’s two chunks of great news already. The rest of our knowledge of what’s to come can be drawn from either the movies themselves or what we’ve seen in gaming as of late.

Evil Dead Regeneration took place in an alternate reality for example. Since the events of the Evil Dead 2 film did not end the same way in the game’s universe. Specifically, Ash didn’t end up time traveling, instead, he ended up foiling an evil plot in the modern timeline. Despite everybody thinking the guy was insane.

The new game might take advantage of the time traveling aspect of the original movies. Perhaps a mix of modern and medieval times, jumping back and forth constantly. The game’s visuals and graphics could also potentially end up looking like Wolfenstein’s latest release. Or they could go for a more cartoony look, either way. I hope we get the real macho and retro feels of the classic movies themselves, especially with Campbell involved. Hail to the King baby!

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