Players Are Hacking Into Secret Fallout 76 Developer Room To Get Powerful Items

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: something is wrong with Fallout 76. However, this time it’s not about crashing, or server issues, or even nukes being disabled. This time it has to deal with a secret (or rather, not-so-secret) Fallout 76 developer room, which players are hacking into to get powerful items.

Fallout 76 released at the tail end of last year and since then has been almost constantly inundated with bugs, making it a typical Bethesda game (but even worse as this is an always-online title that was hotly anticipated). However, even as Bethesda has fought to balance PVP, fix a variety of bugs, and issue fixes to the game’s nukes, the Fallout 76 developer room presents a new problem.

The developer room is a room or series of rooms that is filled with a wide variety of goodies, most of which are weapons and other gear that haven’t even been released in the actual game yet. There’s also an NPC that is randomly sitting in the room, which almost never happens.

The Fallout 76 developer room’s treasure trove likely is related to content that will be coming up in a new PVP Factions update sometime soon. However, players being able to hack into the room and pick out weapons from it gives them a huge edge in any PVP that’s currently available, and Bethesda currently seems to lack a definite fix for it.

However, they are still at least getting in touch with players who are able to access the room, asking them to describe it, how many characters they got in it with, and how they accessed it. While ordinarily people would just ignore this, there is a way that Bethesda is ensuring cooperation. Until you respond to the email properly, your account is suspended, and will remain so.

While we don’t know what all is actually in the Fallout 76 developer room, hopefully it’s full of all sorts of cool gadgets that we’ll soon be able to play with.