Is Cheating in a Singleplayer Game Justifiable?

Cheats are something every gamer had used at some point. Some developers even put them in the game to make the game easier, more fun, and to check out the game itself without walking through the whole game and dying at every point.

However, cheats that are not made by the developers because they are unjust and you still find players using them then we have to call the game police. Today, we discuss whether cheating in singleplayer games can be justified or not.

Cheating in Singleplayer Games

When you are playing an MMO or co-op with cheats, that would only be making your game easier but others will have the same complexity level, then there is no question if you cheated or not because clearly, you did.

When everyone else is working hard to make through that Level and you just slide through it because of a cheat then it is unfair to them.

When playing MMO grinding is a part of the game and if you skip it by applying some cheat then you are being handed over an unfair advantage.

Using aimbots, shifting places with other players, or using cheats to increase your ammo or making your shield almost indestructible or using infinite health, all are counted in cheating.

Most of the times the cheater is not caught but sometimes the cheaters are banned or punished which brings justice to other hard-working players.

Like in League of Legends, when the gamers were found to be looking at the big screen where locations of all players can be seen, Azubu Frost, the Korean-based competitive League of Legends team were finned with $30,000. Extreme? Should not have cheated in the game.

The best one is when in Max Payne 3, gamers found out a way to have unlimited health and the game put all those gamers in together on an unknown location.

Here you could use all the cheats but so could other players and beware because they might have some good ones. Now, this is what we call punishment.

However, if we are talking about cheating in a singleplayer game then the story, rules, and punishments are different on a completely new level.

How Can You Cheat in a Single Player Game?

When we are not even competing against someone else then what cheating are we talking about?

Like come on, you guys have not used cheats in GTA San Andreas. Are you even a gamer if you didn’t?

Look, when we aren’t competing against someone then using a cheat for your advantage is not cheating because how? Who’s hurting? Are we doing something unfair to someone else?

No. Then, in this case, it is the choice of the player whether or not he wants to grind. If not then again, he is playing for himself, if he does not want to put that effort in a small stupid mission that is taking an eternity to end or when finally, the boss is on the brink of extinction and you die, then using cheats is the only way to keep the game interesting and bearable.

There might be less or no sense of achievement after finishing the game but hey, there will be plenty of places to prove yourself. So is cheating justifiable? In PvP, no, but when playing solo I do not even consider using cheat codes as cheating.