Next Splinter Cell Game Hinted By Italian Voice Actor

Ubisoft has said time and again that Splinter Cell is something we shouldn’t expect anything soon. However, this doesn’t stop rumors and speculations from spreading like wildfire.  Just when we thought the flames would calm, Sam Fisher’s Italian voice actor has added fuel to it.

Luca Ward, the voice actor who plays Sam Fisher in the Italian version of Splinter Cell games, posted a selfie of himself on Facebook with three neon lights in the background. The picture is a tease for something Splinter Cell related coming soon.

The post doesn’t clearly mention Splinter Cell or its release date. However, this is as close to we have to an official tease. There are rumors that a new Splinter Cell may come out this year but we doubt we will hear anything about it before E3 2019.

Still, while E3 seems like the most likely event to reveal Sam Fisher’s return, social media posts are always a good indication that an announcement could happen sooner than this year’s biggest gaming event.

The last time we saw Sam Fisher was when Splinter Cell Blacklist came out. The game is known as one of the best Splinter Cell games but it didn’t do as well as Ubisoft expected. The future looked uncertain for Splinter Cell as Ubisoft shifted focus to more lucrative projects like Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed games.

But now half a decade later, it might be time for Sam Fisher to return to the limelight. He did make an appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands as a DLC side mission and ever since than speculations went wild. It was than Ubisoft came out to confirm that it would be a while before Sam Fisher comes back with his own game.