How Reliable is The Better Business Bureau’s “F” Rating For Epic Games Store?

Epic Games Store is getting plenty of attention from big publishers. Ubisoft just moved The Division 2 to Epic Games Store and Assassin’s Creed series is likely to follow.

However, the store just got an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Soon after news broke, many started to wonder, including yours truly, if moving AAA titles to Epic’s Store so soon is a good idea after all.

But one must ask, how credible the BBB really is? What does it’s rating really mean at this point? See, the Better Business Bureau has a long-standing reputation for corruption and outright blackmail. The organization is accused of using a pay-to-play model, a scandal that came to light back in 2010.

Extortion like practices was applied to local business. According to a 2010 report by ABC News, the Better Business Bureau took annual payments from various business and handed out A ratings. Meanwhile, those who didn’t pay and played along were given subpar grades regardless of how good or bad their practices are.

Fake A-grades were handed out to the business and ABC’s investigation team managed to get an A-Grade for a non-existent business.

The Better Business Bureau is becoming quickly irrelevant thanks to online forums and social media. The BBB also charges business for updating their reviews, if you don’t pay, you’re bad rating will stay in place even if you improve your issues.

Epic Games Store has its issues, Steam, EA, and Origin do as well. However, how bad they really are? That’s is something players would need to experience themselves or contact the community who is using Epic’s services.