Fox Confirms Alien Isolation Console Sequel Not Coming Any Time Soon

To many fan’s disappointment, Foxnet revealed their plans for a mobile sequel to Alien Isolation, Alien: Blackout. The fact that the Alien series Twitter page started using the hashtag “ReadWatchPlay” excited players and they started to suspect that a new Alien Isolation game was in works. It turned out to be this mobile game. Of course, the backlash was pretty strong.

Following the backlash, FoxNet has announced that they are working on new games, but console sequel to the Alien Isolation will not be released any time soon.

FoxNet’s External Development Vice President, TQ Jefferson, revealed some information in an interview with Variety. Jefferson mentioned that as far as a console sequel to Alien: Isolation, preferably called “Alien: Isolation 2” is still NOT in works, and there are no plans to start working on this project, yet. Jefferson mentioned that the new mobile game will tell more stories about Amanda Ripley. This also nullifies the rumors that a new Alien movie featuring Amanda Riley would be in the works.

When asked if this move was in any way connected to Diablo Immortal, another mobile game based on the successful Console series: Diablo, Jefferson revealed information about their mobile game itself. Jefferson revealed that Alien: Blackout will be a Buy-to-Play game, focusing on the fact that you would have to only buy the game, a one time purchase, and you’ll be able to enjoy the game without any in-game purchases. Its a ‘contained experience’.

This is the total opposite of what Diablo Immortals is trying to do. Diablo Immortals is supposed to be a Free-to-Play game with in-game purchases to make the games a little bit easier.

Alien: Blackout will follow the story of Amanda Ripley from where Alien: Isolation left. The objective of the game is to “Try to stay alive” while aboard a space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph.

Players will use the controls of the space ship or sacrifice crew members to survive. The game is expected to have multiple endings, which is kind of unique in a mobile game. The game states it as “[use various tricks to] avoid deadly contact, permanently altering the outcome of the game”. The game will feature seven “fear-inducing” levels.

Alien: Blackout is set to release on 24th January on Android and iOS platforms. You can pre-order Alien: Isolation on the Google Play Store if you are an Android user or on iTunes if you are an iPhone user.