Atlus Releases Catherine Classic On Steam After Previous Bayonetta Hint

Several days ago, the news portion of the Bayonetta Steam page teased that something Catherine-related would be coming to the PC soon, and now we know. You can now buy Catherine Classic on Steam, if you’ve been wanting to play that game again for the past few years but haven’t been able to.

Catherine Classic is a remastered version of the original Catherine game for the PC, mainly including graphical upgrades, 4K resolution, an option for Japanese voice-acting for the first time, an unlocked framerate, and customizable mouse and keyboard controls. This is also the first time that the game has been on the PC.

Catherine tells the story of Vincent, a software engineer who is in the middle of a relationship with his girlfriend, Katherine. But when expectations and thoughts of fatherhood and marriage start piling up, Vincent finds himself having nightmares in an endlessly-ascending stairway where he must climb…or be killed by the monster chasing him.

The situation’s only complicated by the arrival of Cathrine, a bubbly and much more promiscuous girl that starts popping up everywhere Vincent goes, forcing him to make a choice to stay with Katherine, or break up with her in favor of the new girl.

The game proved to be very popular when it was first released, and got positive reviews. Now that we have Catherine Classic on Steam, the stage is also set for Cathrine: Full Body, an updated re-release of the game slated to come out next month for the PS4 and Vita on Valentine’s Day, which will bring a whole new storyline (and a whole new Catherine) to the forefront.

So if you haven’t played Catherine yet, or have been feeling nostalgic for it lately, or are excited for Full Body, you can pick up Catherine Classic on Steam, or wait another month for Catherine Full Body to come out on the Playstation 4.