Activision and Bungie Split Causes Activision Blizzard Stock To Drop

2019 hasn’t been a great start for Activision Blizzard. A number of significant changes have been made at the company, especially starting with Activision’s CFO ‘Spencer Neumann’ leaving to join Netflix as a CFO, Blizzard’s CFO ‘Amrita Ahuja’ leaving to join Square Inc as a CFO and ‘Mike Morhaime’, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard, to leave Blizzard in April 2019.

But the worst of these news, for Activision Blizzard, apparently, has been the fact Bungie is leaving Activison to become an independent publishing company. More specifically, Bungie will now publish its own games. Bungie announced this huge news Thursday afternoon. No more Bungie Activision or Blizzard Bungie.

This split has caused Activision Blizzard Stocks to drop by 6.52%. We are speculating the company’s stocks to plummet by a little bit more, considering how widely popular Bungie’s Destiny series was. You can read more on these news here at: Activision Gives Bungie Ownership Of Destiny Completely, Studio Will Self-Publish

This has to be one of the most prominent turning points for the company, after its merger with Vivendi Games and Blizzard in 2008.

A quick Stock market scan shows that the company was at its peak in September 2018, with stocks going as high as $83.19! It might have been due to the oh-so-successful Call of Duty Black Ops 4 releasing the next month, which has turned out to be one of the most successful Call of Duty games in a long time. Destiny 2 turned out to be a financial disappointment for Activision so we can leave that factor out.

However, the company did leave 2018 with a 26% stock price drop, which as we previously covered, was may be due to the announcement of their mobile game: Diablo Immortal.

Another reason for the stock plummeting might be because of the recent accusations from an Employee Accusing Blizzard For Bullying.

This might not be that big a hit to the company’s revenue, considering Call of Duty series has made more money than the whole of MCU, and ‘Star Wars’ franchise..

Looking at the silver lining of the news, this new change might be a great chance for Bungie to get a do-over and make a Destiny they might have envisaged, without any pressure from higher-ups/publications. This is very exciting news for both the studios and the players. Players might actually get a Destiny 2.0 instead of Destiny 3. Speaking of which, Destiny 3 is going to come out soon! That is good news, righto?