World’s first Gamer 7nm GPU AMD Radeon VII – Specs, Price, Performance and Release Date

The third day of CES 2019 was filled with a lot of expectations and speculations because AMD CEO Lisa Su was slated to take the stage to tell the world about the company’s adventure into the 7nm architecture era. Lisa Su has now revealed the first of its built-for-gamers 7nm GPU series: AMD Radeon VII.

Radeon VII is set to be more far more powerful than 2017’s Vega 64 and 56. For example: In Content Creation, the 7nm GPU Radeon VII has over 50% performance increase in OpenCL processing, a little bit higher than what RTX 2080 provides. Other than that, this 7nm graphics card is also providing a huge increase in performance over the previous gen cards on Blender, Adobe Premier and DaVinci Resolve 15, from what was revealed. It’ll be interesting to know how this card does on user benchmarks though.

Of course, the card has a pretty nifty boost for gaming too. When compared to Vega 64, AMD Radeon 7 gave Battlefield V a 35% boost when running on DX12, Fortnite: a 25% boost, and Strange Brigade: a huge 42% increase in performance when utilizing Vulkan APIs.

Following up, she confidently revealed a small comparison between Nvidia’s RTX 2080 and AMD’s Radeon VII when running three popular games at 4K resolution, with max settings. Battlefield V and Far Cry 5 saw a negligible 1 FPS boost, while Strange Brigade got a whopping 14 FPS difference, when utilizing Vulkan API. From these results, we can clearly speculate that AMD is one step ahead of Nvidia in the Vulkan game. But since Nvidia has focused on a newer technology ‘ray-tracing’ instead of performance increase, not that there wasn’t a performance increase from GTX 10 series to RTX 20 series, it is very difficult to choose a winner between RTX 2080 and Radeon VII.

Lisa Su revealed the graphics card’s specs too. Radeon VII has a whopping 16 GB of high-speed bandwidth memory. It features 60 computing units, all running at a speed of up-to 1.8 GHz! AMD Radeon VII also has an ultra-fast Memory Bandwidth of 1 TB/sec, which is a LOT faster than what the current gamer cards can provide. RTX 2080 goes upto only 448 GB/sec, while even the monster Titan RTX goes upto 672 GB/sec. Another key thing to note here is that she said that the card will have a 25% performance increase from Vega 64, while keeping the power consumption the same.

On an ending note, Lisa Su revealed that the AMD Radeon 7 is going for $699 from all major retailers and will be released on February 7th!

And if you buy the Radeon VII, you will get three AAA games free: Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and The Division 2. That’s already $180.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your graphics card, maybe now is the time. The Radeon VII has a very great price/performance ratio when going for extreme gaming at 4K. Of course, AMD is quite far from Nvidia in the high-end game, but Radeon VII may certainly be a push in the right direction.