We’ll Be Seeing The Division 2 On The Epic Store, Not On Steam, Be Ready

Epic Games has been making big waves since it opened its own online gaming store client back in December. It’s gotten to the point where many games are exclusively being sold on there, and we’ll now be seeing The Division 2 on the Epic Store, so players should get ready.

The Division 2 is the sequel to Ubisoft Massive’s first Division game, taking place in the same setting but in a different location. This time, instead of Manhattan in winter, players will be exploring Washington DC in the aftermath of the superplague that has brought the United States to its knees.

Seeing The Division 2 on the Epic Store isn’t that much of a surprise; multiple games have beenm announced to be on that store exclusively, ranging from older games like thatgamecompany’s Journey (which is getting a PC port) and the newly-released RPG Ashen, developed by A44.

It’s likely the reasoning behind the exclusivity is mainly due to how the Epic Store operates. Rather than being like most stores, where developers get 70 percent of the profits from each game sold, the Epic Store allows them 88 percent, keeping the remaining amount of money for overhead costs. This allows developers to take more profit from their work.

While it may be a while before it replaces Steam, if it ever reaches that point of prominence, getting things like The Division 2 on the Epic Store will hopefully get it a lot more publicity and sales from people who were wanting to play it on PC.

With everything we’ve heard about The Division 2 so far, and apparently Ubisoft doing their best to make it so that the game is a marked improvement over the first, hopefully the sequel being moved to another store won’t impact its sales too badly, especially if Ubisoft gets the word out fast enough.

You can buy The Division 2 on the Epic Store on March 15, along with the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 on the same date.