Utopia: Origin Guide – Crafting, Campfires, Magic Wand, Storage

Utopia: Origin is an adventure survival game for Android and iOS set in an anime universe.

The land is full of material and resources you can collect while exploring the beautiful locations and using skills to build places as well as armors and weaponry.

Utopia: Origin Guide

You can also tame animals like horses and dragons and you can fly on a dragon! I know, cool. You have to build shelters to protect yourself from enemies and are supposed to fight monsters.

Other than that, you are supposed to find yourself food and water and take care of your health.


You will be given choice to make your own character. Give it a gender, name, hair color and clothes of your own choice; make it, however, you want it.

You can also change the settings of your point of view whether you want to play a first person or third person and choose your camera settings and graphics quality.

Game Modes

The game can be played in a world room where thousands of players can play or room mode where up to 50 players can play or you can also go solo but to kill the monsters and ogres teaming up with your mates can be of advantage.

The two modes are peace mode, where you can play with tens of thousands of players and explore the and world and build a hearth. Then there is chaos mode, here you will be challenged and threatened by other players, as you will explore the land.

If you are in the peace mode and you kill someone, you will be punished so avoid doing that. If you are feeling wild, just switch to PvP though in the initial levels I would suggest you play in the peace mode.

Getting Started

In the beginning, you will not have many resources to craft yourself weapons or shelter but items will be gradually unlocked as your level increases in the game.

You will be given a companion, Summer, who will be there to guide you too. There is a survival book as well which will help you on how to gather material like plants or animals and trees or rocks.

It also summons on how to make tools or feed yourself and quench your thirst. Things like the use of magic and how to pet animals are also there.


Food, water, and health are important to check throughout the game. On your top right, you can check the status of all three.

Food can be picked as you explore the land, and you can hunt animals too to get meat, it also raises your food bar very quickly.

It can be roasted on the campfire. Health is also increased as by meat and fruits. For water, you can dive into a river and can also fill up your waterskin.


In the game, you have to collect materials like wood, clay, stone, iron orbs, crystals, straw, etc. to make different stuff. For a house use stuff like wood, stone, and clay whereas for armor iron, orbs and crystal would be used.

The ax can be used to cut trees. Pickaxe to break rocks and club to tame animals. More advanced stuff can be unlocked further in the game.

Beacon Portals

These are to teleport you to nearby places. You can do this after exploring enough time on a place and picking up your essentials.

Go to the portal and tap the hand icon, choose a location and spend some orbs and you will be teleported to another location.


At night, stay close to the campfire so monsters do not attack you and you can also stay warm. You can keep your storage near it so you do not lose it and can easily find it on the map.

On the campfire, you can also roast your meat, fruits, and vegetables to feed yourself.

Taming your Animal

To tame your animal you have to use your club, food and then you can use the capturing item.

First, use the club to hit the animal. Attacking the animal will decrease its health and weaken it. An icon will appear that now that animal wants food. Feed the animal, different animals have different food e.g. a horse will be fed with carrots.

Then after feeding it several times, the animal will be happy and you can easily capture them e.g. for a horse, you can use a saddle.

These pets can make your journey and fights easier as for a horse your distance can be covered faster or a dragon can help to defeat the monsters.

The Magic Wand

The recipe for the magic wand is a magnet and 10 wood pieces. There are so many advantages of the wand. For using the wand you have to draw various symbols on the wand pad, each symbol has its own power.

Drawing a circle will recover your HP. Drawing a volt symbol can produce lighting. You can also draw a paw symbol for fire and triangle for Earth skill. The wind skill can even make you fly. All these skills can be found in the survival book.


As there is limited space in your bag, you can also store your resources near the portal and you can easily point it on the map.

You can only put the things that will actually help you on your hunts like meat, water, and wood. Other things can be left near the portal.

There is so much to explore and build in the open world of this game. Patience and activeness can easily make you skillful and help you ascend in the game.