PS4 Wasn’t the Undisputed Winner of 2018, Here is How

2018 was a great year for the gaming industry and obviously for gamers. If you look back at the previous year, you can probably guess that Sony was clearly in the lead with its PS4 without any competition from platforms like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But in reality, PS4 wasn’t the undisputed winner of console war in 2018 and today we are going to tell you why.

We have made different categories to let you know which one of PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles really won in 2018. Sony with its PS4 was definitely winning with its exclusive games but they lacked behind Nintendo Switch in terms of accessories. More you will know in the categories below.

Exclusive Titles

Yes, nowadays exclusive titles play a big role and differentiate one console from another. It’s the biggest factor when it comes to console wars between PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We saw many big exclusive releases in 2018. Microsoft brought some big exclusive titles like Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay. But these titles were also available on PC.

On the other hand, PS4 got a variety of exclusives ranging from GOTY: God of War to Spiderman, Detroit Become Human and more.

As for Nintendo Switch, the incredibly selling hybrid console brought us exclusive games like Pokemon Let’s Go, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Octopath Traveller and many more.

Now as you know, Microsoft wasn’t much appreciated for its exclusives in 2018. Because all of them being available on PC as well. On the other hand, Sony took away the challenge with back to back exclusives. Most of them made big headlines and God of War also won GOTY Award at TGA 2018 to make it further clear. Nintendo Switch according was the second best console with most exclusives in 2018. Almost all of Nintendo Switch games received a very loving response from the community.

Winner: PS4

Monthly Services

All three of the above systems have monthly services which bring perks like free games, online gameplay, discounts and more. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live have been doing this for years and the latest to join is Nintendo Switch with its Nintendo Online service.

In this category, Microsoft with its Xbox One clearly won due to the service of Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One allows you to play loads of games for a monthly fee. Playstation comes in second lacking behind Xbox One. PlayStation Plus does bring some great games but most of the times, the players are disappointed. Last comes Nintendo Switch with its online service because the service recently arrived and it has yet to improve to attract more gamers towards it.

Winner: Xbox One

Event Presentations

E3, Gamescom and Game Awards are few of the events that took place in 2018. Sony clearly wasn’t in front of this category due to the lack of new announcements. Though Sony does have some big games to release in the future. Another reason for this is because Sony decided to skip PlayStation experience in 2018.

On the other hand, Microsoft took the events by storm. At E3, Microsoft announced some new big titles like Halo Infinite, Gears 5 and some new studios that they have acquired. Microsoft also showcased the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 making it one of the best E3 presentations in 2018. As for Nintendo, they hosted many presentations too. At E3 they mostly discussed Pokemon games and Super Smash Bros.

Winner: Xbox One


Microsoft proved themselves worthy in 2018 when it comes to accessories on Xbox One in 2018. They announced new controllers with an adaptive controller for gamers with limited movements. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch was the winner with the most innovative accessories for their hybrid Switch console.

Nintendo Switch accessories include different colored Joy Cons, Pro controllers, docks and many more. They also released Nintendo Labo which is one of the best and unique accessories you can buy right now. Sony comes last in this category. We only saw a few different colored DS4 controllers in 2018 and not pretty much anything new.

Winner: Nintendo Switch

Console Sales

PS4 lead the competition easily in terms of sales in 2018. PS4 is the winner with 16 Million console sales in 2018 according to VG Charts. Second place takes Nintendo Switch with 13 Million sales. At last, comes Xbox One with just 6 Million unit sales.

Winner: PS4

Software Sales

It’s common sense that the platform with the most console sales would also have the highest software sales. That’s why PS4 wins this category once again with 119 Million software sales in 2018. Nintendo came second with 47 million unit sales. Xbox One comes last once again with just 43 Million Xbox One sales.

Winner: PS4

So we have the winner of the 2018 console war. As you all can see, PS4 was the platform for gaming in 2018 by coming on top in 4 different categories leaving behind Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Without any further wait, we crown PS4 as the king of console war in 2018 and without any doubt. Runner up for 2018 is going to be Nintendo Switch for its great line-up of games and creativity. Last comes Xbox One due to the low amount of sales and lack of exclusive titles.