Former Blizzard Employee Accuses Company For Racism And Discrimination Against Him

Jules Murillo-Cueller, a former employee of Blizzard recently shared his experiences with the company in a Twitlonger post. The details were rather disturbing, to say the least, and also reeked of irony. Why? Because the Blizzard employee’s complaints of racism were directed towards a company that prides itself on being diverse and progressive. So why is it that one of their own employees was discriminated against? Makes the timing of that Soldier reveal pretty suspicious.

Jules joined Blizzard in 2013 according to his Linkedin profile. He applied for a TA job at the Esports division of Hearthstone in a team of four people including himself. One of the team members was then transferred to the Overwatch division, leaving Jules with two.

It was from here that the alleged harassment began. Specifically, he directed most of his complaints to a colleague named Gemma. The complaints accusing her of being racist towards him. As well as labeling him as a sexist person due to his Mexican heritage.

He added that he was excluded from a lot of staff meetings. Even the key ones. Only being given tasks or being updated on the details of a meeting very close to its deadline. This was initially thought to be because he was new, but later became evident after months of work that it wasn’t the case at all.

Jules recounted that his treatment at the company led to underlying mental issues to develop for him. Including anxiety, panic attacks and at one point even contemplating suicide. Reportedly attempting it as well.

Regarding the subject of talking to his superiors or any managerial body present. He had this to say:

“I was told I was being moody, and that nobody knew how to approach me… When I told him what was happening I was told to not pay attention and that he would take care of it. That wouldn’t be the case and the racial attacks continued.”

Not the most attentive leadership, assuming all of these stories are true.

The TwitLonger post was written by Jules after the recent revelation that Soldier 76 was gay. Which triggered him to talk about the subject again, regarding which he said:

“The idea of inclusion, of representation, and ‘every voice matters and ‘think globally’ never meant that for me and other people of color I have spoken to. Because up until recently — in the last two years — has the community had some representation and initiatives. But are we really represented?”

To top it all off, the two colleagues he reportedly blamed for the abuse he suffered at Blizzard, received promotions. While he didn’t.

This is another addition to company PR disasters following the Rockstar work hour scandal. Although the latter was debunked later on, which is something we have yet to see for this allegation. Since it does a good job painting an image of hypocrisy over Blizzard. Who aren’t exactly on the best of terms with fans as is.