Fallout 76 PC New Patch Going Live Today For Performance Boost and Stability Improvements

Bethesda announced that players of Fallout 76 would get continuous updates and patches this January, as part of their ever-so-ongoing support for their Online RPG version of Fallout. An Inside the Vault article has listed the first of these new patches for the PC version, which is expected to land today. This small patch is “Containing more than 150 fixes” – the first words of the article. Fallout 76 Survey Markers hunt should be more pleasant with more fixes.

The article has compared this new Fallout 76 PC patch to the December 11’s patch, saying that the PC version will get the patch a week before the consoles. The reason they stated was so that this PC patch will “give us time to make further adjustments as needed before releasing the patch on consoles”. The article does add a pinch of salt though, saying that the console version of the update may get delayed “if there are any further diversions from the schedule”.

The Fallout 76 update is set to go live today, January 10th, at 9 AM ET. They say that the patch-list will also go live as soon as the patch does, but have further hinted at what the patch will be about. Apparently, this patch will fix a number of Perks, Challenges and Quests, and weapons. Additionally, Bethesda Game Studios has written that they will try “tackling various exploits” in the game itself, which is letting these exploit users get way ahead of other players.They haven’t yet listed how much maintenance time it’ll take to implement the new update though.

There is another fo76 patch that is going to go live on January 14th, apparently, which is going to address performance and stability issues. There have been various YouTube clips depicting random crashes and performance drops while playing on a PC well above the recommended specs.

This January 14th patch will continue to add fixes for issues that have been reported by the game’s community itself, including “the number of plans Vendors have available, fixing a few Legendary mods, and continuing to address issues with some Perks.” There is a long road ahead still for Bethesda Softworks and fans are loosing patience. We do believe that ultimate, Fallout 76 will be fixed but how long will it take? Nobody can tell for the time being. For now, every update, patch and fix is a sign of good future from Bethesda and we just need to be more patient.